Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jesus H. Christ...
Mental Health Awareness Now!!!

This just in from the blog called Bratt's Pak:

An analysis this year by the Treatment Advocacy Center, a nonprofit group in Virginia, found that mentally ill people were four times more likely than members of the general public to be killed by the police.

Having been harassed by the police in the past and had my fears and paranoia exploited to the hilt, as well as having spent a bit of time homeless because of my illness, it always seemed to me like cops love to hassle the crazies, but holy shit...

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At 8:30 PM, Blogger aka The Bratt said...

Hi, here is the permalink for the post you said you were looking for.

I saw the link from you this morning (via technorati). I'm going to write a little about your blog too. People need to know what it's like to be bipolar. I found your blog to be eye opening. Sorry to say I've been pretty unaware of most of the problems with being bipolar.

I liked the part that showed the man was a good husband and neighbor.

Maybe a little education will help the subject.

I do post a lot about the news. With the Washington Post linking back to those who link to it, it's been nice. I try to get some other perspectives to people reading the Post.

Take Care.

BTW, Thanks for the link. When I get a decent script for displaying side links, I'll put you in there permanently, too. I know eblogger has that list thing, but I hate it. I'm going to try something other than what I had on the last blog too and hope it doesn't crash the blog.


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