Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Alpizar DISAPPEARS from National News
Investigation Pending by Miami-Dade PD

The headline about says it all. The last story on Alpizar (google news, time, washington post, google alerts) was on or about December the 10th. I've been combing for days and nothing.

What I found interesting was that the investigation isn't being done by the feds - even though the plane, one might assume, is "federal property" in that federal air marshals were involved in the incident. Instead, the investigation is being conducted by the local PD, in this case, Miami-Dade. I tried my level best to get through to anyone as a member of the press, but I really felt lost in the shuffle. Getting on an investigation's mailing list (sadly) isn't anything like subscribing to a blog - it's much more complicated.

(I had the same sad case happen with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald...sigh.) The blog press will never amount to much without the same access to that information as any other press person - in cases like this, when the mainstream STOPS reporting on an issue, what can we do really?


At 8:50 AM, Blogger aka The Bratt said...

Well in fact you did break some news right there by finding out the investigation was local. You know that Capital Hill Blue swears that the investigation was completed by the DHS.

And that's a good comment about bloggers.


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